Classic Rock: Harley-Davidson & ZZ Top Cover / Tribute Band

ZZ Top & Harley-Davidson

ZZ Top - the little ol' band from Texas

Liveband Custom Harley ZZ Top's iconic power-boogie is popular on parties, open airs, Harley-Davidson, hot rod, US-car and biker meetings. Therefore a lot of livebands, throw in some of the greatest hits of the famous bearded Texan bluesrock heroes.

However -
the "real deal" with the "Sharp Dressed Man" alike outfit, real beard and powerful sound like a hot-rodded V8 firing on all cylinders is linked to a dedicated tribute act: Bruzzler, who is well-known at events such as the European Bike Week in Faak. The unique one-man live band, who gained reputation with its long-running ZZ Top Tribute show fits perfectly to the cliche of "Route 66", dusty Texan highways and old-school guitar-boogie.
If you are a fan of groovy classic rock live music and US-American lifestyle, this one-man liveband will be a lot of fun. Loud pipes save lives and Bruzzler's rocking guitar makes the party.

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